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The singapore chinese Corporate Business Principles reflect our commitment to a strong compliance culture as a non-negotiable foundation of how we do business. More than words on paper, our principles are actionable and we are prepared to do what is necessary to ensure that our Company is managed in line with our commitment. You can help us achieve this goal.

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IMPORTANT: If your message is not related to compliance with the singapore chinese Corporate Business Principles (i.e. products or services, jobs, interest in distributing singapore chinese products etc.) please contact our Consumer Services team.

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singapore casino,‘Speak Up’, our Compliance Reporting System, is available any time (24/7, 365 days a year).

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WEBFORM Visit our Speak Up website.

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Select whether you are concerned about:
- singapore chinese’s products or services; or
- Non-compliance to singapore chinese’s Corporate Business Principles.

Access Code : 91738
TELEPHONE Please dial 1800-88-4307
Access Code : 91738
EMAIL [email protected]

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2. If you have made your report by way of webform or telephone, you will receive an individual case number. Please note the number down and keep it safe.

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5. At any time you can go back into the website and track the progress of your case using your case number.

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We will acknowledge receipt of your report within five working days. It may take longer if your report is sent during a public holiday. If your initial report does not include enough evidence, we will get in touch to ask you to provide more evidence. You will receive an individual case number after filing your report. This number will allow you to track the progress of your report after logging into our system. Please follow up your report.,mega888 download link

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Each report we receive is studied carefully. We will open a case if your report is credible and includes enough evidence. We will then assign the case to our Market Compliance Officer in most cases. The investigation will be led by our Market Compliance Officer in the region/country where the incident is said to have taken place.,poker huawei app gallery

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cambodia 4d live,Reports that contain serious allegations will be escalated to the Zone Head of Legal and Compliance and, when relevant, to the Globally Managed Business General Counsel. The Group Chief Compliance Officer will also be informed when a report involves allegations of:

(i) dishonesty, criminal activity, antitrust /competition law, or issues involving revenue recognition, corruption, bribery or significant fraud;

(ii) misconduct by members of a singapore chinese senior leadership member;

(iii) matters which are likely to negatively affect the reputation or public image of singapore chinese;

(iv) violation by singapore chinese of its public Creating Shared Value commitments such as, without limitation, respecting and promoting Human Rights and the adherence to singapore chinese’s industry-leading procedures on a responsible marketing of breastmilk substitutes.

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The investigation will be handled with consistency and confidentiality – we will only involve people who need to be involved. Our Compliance Officers may conduct confidential interviews with employees, contractors or anybody they feel is relevant to the investigation.,safari heat

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After reviewing all the findings of our investigation, we will decide if a breach has taken place, and, if the case, take action. You will be informed accordingly.,bangladesh bank heist

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  • Non-retaliation commitment: singapore chinese prohibits retaliation of any type against an employee who brought forward a concern in good faith. Anyone who attempts to retaliate against an employee for reporting in good faith may face disciplinary action, including the possibility of dismissal. singapore chinese also protects the rights of the person accused.
  • In order to facilitate our company to conduct actionable and effective investigations, please include a detailed description of the incident (who, what, when, how) and supporting evidence (e.g. copies of documents, screenshots, or names of witnesses) that can corroborate your report. Please note that general assertions cannot be investigated.